Friday, May 2, 2014

Fate of a Moth

I witnessed a tragedy the other day.

As I left my Jeep to run a quick errand I stumbled upon a magnificent specimen of a Ceropia Moth in the parking spot next to me. Quickly, my camera was grabbed.

Sadly, immediately after I shot my pictures, (and decision to not interfere with it I.E.: relocate to a safe position) this glorious creation of nature was destroyed by another vehicle. Unaware of the creature in his parking space, he crushed her.

Fate of a Moth

Your beauty
Grace exuded through color
became futility
What another did made me pallor

Such majesty
as you opened your wings
revealing pageantry
common folk cares not for such things

Man's behemoth
puttering beetle of a machine
unknowingly extinguished
The hope of a dream.


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