Monday, November 17, 2014

Save the Dinosaurs

It is not something I am quick to admit, but I do have a "real job" as a retail worker. Luckily, it is working for an outdoor outfitter; so there are a few perks. My co-workers also seem to understand my humor and that really makes the lack of wilderness "bear"-able.

We offer plastic bags to our customers (surprise surprise). A fossil fuel product. A fact that does not escape me and I often make a silly joke about it when a customer denies the bag. The other day my comedic exchange at the checkout went on a bit more than usual and, well, here it is: 

"Would you like a bag with that?" I asked the middle aged man in glasses standing across the counter.

"No, that is alright I can carry it", he said while shuffling for his keys and checking his wallet.

"Sweet! Save the Dinosaurs man!"

"It is a bit too late for them now don't you think?" he asked with an upturned brow.

"Yeah, and it is also probably too late for us now!", I quickly remarked and followed with a slight chuckle.

There was a short pause as the gentlemen reflected on what I said. He looked at me a bit surprised and confused, "You think so?".

"I think you should take the bag".

The man smiled at me, thanked me for my help and left our store without the bag but with his petroleum based fleece, from a massive publicly traded conglomerate that has it's hand in global consumer capitalism and cheap production labor. At least they were part of "1% for the planet". Yeah, we are going to save this place alright!


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