Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Maybe I Should Have Bought A Van

In recent posts I dropped a few hints that I am planning a big trip. I have been working through the logistics and finances of spending a few months on the road. The plan is to follow the spine of the Rockies through New Mexico and up to the central ski areas of Colorado. After I have sufficiently froze myself, I am planing to head west to Utah for canyon country. The time frame for this trip is open. I am not expecting to return to the Gulf Coast until March at the earliest. I will be departing on Monday January 5th.

Endeavor, my Jeep, has proved to be a great ally in my adventures. Over the past year I gained some experience in living out of the Jeep. In the process, I figured out, and fixed, many of the problems with the cramped quarters. In time I have learned to be a high class dirtbag.

The Cockpit:

My passenger seat acts as my kitchen:

The rear passenger seat folds down to accommodate my bed. The cargo space behind the rear driver works as my closet and gear shed.

 Rear driver side serves as my library and office, complete with solar power:

Oh, and my bathroom...

Catch me on the road guys!


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