Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Conversation With A Pine

"I haven't seen you in a year and you are still standing right where I left you. Honestly, I didn't expect you to go anywhere, but I'm happy to see you again.

"How was your summer? I bet it was hot up on this ridge line. You are so exposed here. The winds are so strong from the west but I see you have known that for years. That side of you is all beat up. Your branches are broken on that windward side and all of your needles are on the east side. Maybe that is your style though, but hey, you look good.

"It is quiet today. How do you pass the time up here?

"You know, some people like to say that bears are the symbol of the wilderness. Strong and resourceful. They are a good one, but I think trees are better. Trees are a real symbol of strength. How does that make you feel? Lets think about it. When the weather gets bad a bear can den up, but you have to stay here. You are stuck here, wind, fire, or drought. You have to endure. Whatever nature brings you have to take. Trees are the wilderness symbol of stoic resolve. Don't you think?"

The wind blew hard and the pine swayed. The air rushing through the needles whispered something soft and faint and the tree waved. And then, silence.

"Yeah, I thought so."


*I wrote this in my pocket book the other day and thought it was a but amusing.

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