Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Grab the Rope Not the Bag!

Was this experience fabricated by talent?

The world was warm and light, but now dark and cold. Had I been transported to some strange void? I could not determine if I was up or down; was I weightless? Tumbling and rolling, I realized there was dimension in this abyss. Choosing a direction, I pushed upward.

I broke through a surface. A membrane to another world? An illusion? Gurgling and airy I could see briefly but, where was I? Who was I? It was bright now. I felt an impact upon my head. I had a body still, I was not a brain in a vat.

There was a whistle then shouts and I understood my reality. I saw into the eyes of a familiar face as they screamed, "Grab the rope! not the bag!!"


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