Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How The West Was Won

There was a specific passage, not typed, but penned, in a small leather bound pocket book that ignited the euphoria of contemplating places beyond one's means or neglected treasures near home. The moments of drama and heroism recalled and physically committed to the paper: The Adventurer's Journal. For a moment it is held, possessed, and all the things it has seen, so have you. As an adventurer you are beside yourself by such a rare encounter.

I started my own Journal years ago when I took up outdoor recreation. My understanding of the value of such a work was juvenile when it began. The articulation devoted to the settings motivations, emotions, and consequences was weak and poor at best. Over the years I have matured, my awareness and ability to communicate what I perceive has grown. I hope to continue to share the times of elation and those of pain through this blog.

 Let me tell you, if even for a moment, "How The West Was Won". 


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