Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Feeling Stoked

Maybe the condition of being stoked could be summarized in the feeling of anticipation or consistently accomplishing what is normally absent in your day to day life through physical activity. I am starting to get stoked again. In 13 days a friend of mine and myself will embark on a 12 day trip that includes backpacking, trail running, road cycling, and general outdoor antics; all in the Southern Appalachians: my home turf. It has been since my birthday this year that I have been to "my mountains".

In these mountains my outdoor skills have developed and matured. When I am in these mountains I feel competent. I understand the hydrology, weather patterns, and terrain of these hills after hundreds of miles and years of hiking through them. The end of September could not be better for stable weather and cool conditions. I am so stoked. Let us just hope that this trip doesn't have one of those "oh shit" moments like my past few trips....


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