Friday, November 1, 2013

"That it is There"

No lights are on but the room is brightened by the afternoon sun filtering through the blinds. I sit on my couch looking towards the front door.

Why am I staring so intently at the door? Am I anxious of some unannounced visitor or have my thoughts and worries forced me to become fixated on an object that, inherently is used for an entrance and exit? What am I trying to enter? More important perhaps is, what am I leaving?

BAH! These thoughts mean nothing!

My troubles pale in comparison to the grand landscapes! Forget where you are going and where you have been. There is only one constant: Nature's Rhythms. Meaningless are my concerns to the mountain streams or the greatest pines.

The ducks are returning to the marsh for winter. In flocks large and small they progress south over hundreds of miles and through violent winds. My perturbed mind affects them in no way,

The snow has begun to fall in the north and on the mountains again. A soft blanket of white covering the earth. It will be littered with the prints of a fox and hare in their classic game. Their complex dance preformed year after year, generation after generation without a care for my existence.

Yes, trivial are my anxieties. Nature will go on regardless of myself. When I find myself thinking deeply on the past, present and future I am comforted by one thing. The classic expression I first encountered through Edward Abbey of why we need the wilderness, simply, for the reason, that it is there.


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  1. Brilliant post my friend. I too take great comfort in knowing that all of our problems are trivial compared to the vastness of mother nature. It is comforting to know that to her with are just a blip. Humanity, on the other hand, has the exact opposite effect on my psychi.